Saturday, April 24, 2010

Constitutional Monarchists' Declaration

I am a monarchist. I believe that loyalty to a person is more real & wholesome than an inanimate object like a flag. I believe that the monarch can symbolize a nation's aspirations and pride better than a money grabbing, manipulating politician. The world has become much less romantic and much less humane. Government is less personal and power so much more remote since monarchy was marginalized or destroyed. I am not in favour of an absolute monarchy. I am in favour of a constitutional monarchy. Spain's democracy would be gone without the dedication to democracy by their King in the 1980's. Politicians who serve rather than take from their people are few and far between. Someone who has committed their lives to serve a nation is an excellent example to their people. Presidents become the embodiment of a nation in the absence of a monarch, yet they are temporary and their motivations are more divided. They need to pursue re-election; that costs money and often unholy alliances with unseen interests, not answerable to the electorate. I believe that those who support a republic over a constitutional monarchy are not championing greater freedom for their countrymen. They encourage more inhumane domination by the backroom industrialists who control the campaigns of their politicians. A constitutional monarchy can balance and protect against power hungry, dishonest politicians and against a majority that persecutes or ignores persecution of minorities. When a monarch is not facing re-election they can represent all the people and not just the group who put them in power. It should be noted that a Constitutional monarch does not gain legitimacy, to take office from an accident of birth, rather holds office based on parameters, clearly defined, in a nation's chosen, Constitution! That means a constitutional monarch has legitimacy from all a nation's peoples, past and present, is answerable to them all for it's future legitimacy. This is NOT so with a political representative of a particular constituency, political ideology and/or group! When a politician knows that the power is not his/hers and the monarch knows he/she can only exercise power through the people there can be balance. All the power belongs to the monarch but that power can only be used by those elected by the people. A monarch can bring stability to a society that cannot decide between powerful groups in their country. A monarch can bring consistency to foreign relationships when governments change. A monarch can be a trained, experienced, confidential adviser to politicians new in office. All these benefits can be enjoyed with a Constitutional Monarchy. I believe that a constitutional monarchy form of government can offer the best chance for the freedom of it's citizens and is flexible & organic enough to be made to comfortably fit any human society.

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