Friday, February 20, 2015

Canada Needs an Effective Senate

I believe that Canada needs a second chamber to balance the high population regions, represented in the Commons with membership that represents the regions equally. I don't think Canada should have a second chamber that is elected, as the Commons is because party politics would dominate as it does in the Commons and negate regional representation or worse, create the kind of political deadlock, that is experienced in the United States. I propose... The Crown appoints Senators from a shortlist of no more than 3 candidates, 2/3 approved by their respective provincial legislatures. This would result in truly regionally based Senators who have achieved bi-partisan support from elected representatives in their actual home province. I would like to see the resulting Senators caucus by region rather than by party. Each regional caucus would elect from among it's members, a caucus chair who would sit on an executive council, chaired by the only partisan Senator, the Government House Leader. It would be the job of the Senate's 'executive council' to steer government legislation through the caucuses and the wider Senate. What do you think?

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